What’s New 4/13/17

New stuff in the shop! What’s awesome this week?

These boxed cookies from Earth Animal have a lot to boast about: they’re USDA Organic Certified, baked with nutritious sprouts, and contain no wheat, corn, soy, or artificial flavors or colors. The shape makes them easy to snap in half if you need to use them as a training treat. The Pizza flavor really, truly smells like some amazing pizza!



If you have embarrassing stains and smells on your rug, Bionihilator has your back! Developed by a professional carpet cleaner who was dissatisfied by the enzyme pet stain & odor cleaners on the market, he set out to come up with a bio based, environmentally safe cleaner, and BIO-NIHILATOR™ was born! It effectively cleans fecal matter, urine and vomit stains and offers a natural and pleasant fragrance.  It doesn’t make the contaminated spot pungent when applied nor is it an over-powering smell. The spray is great for cleaning stinky litter boxes!

Our store’s best selling treats now has a line of dog food! Bramble gives this can of Wellmade Savory Stew two paws up! Mmmmm.